Russell Blink and Phil Eaton, along with financiers and businessmen David Mitchell, Dave Huber and John Quinn, launched EXOS Aerospace Systems & Technologies, INC. on Wednesday, Feb 18th, 2015 after many months of building the team, developing the Corporate vision and designing the business model.

Martin Systems & Technologies, INC. is an Associate company with E.A.S.T. supporting Military / DOD and Aerospace contracts that require Security clearances and Defense experience.

The company is new but the achievements of the team go back more than a decade, and are impressive.

Achievements include competing in the X-Prize Cup, as well as claiming nearly $1 million in prizes for rocket and guidance designs for their previous company. The team also designed and manufactured the propulsion systems for the Rocket Racing League and had multiple contracts for NASA, including a lunar lander, which NASA now owns and has flown over a dozen times.

The E.A.S.T. team has developed and tested over a hundred rocket engines and dozens of flying vehicles, and all of this has led to some of the most impressive private commercial reusable rocket designs and concepts in the world today.

E.A.S.T.’s Team has developed rockets that are reliable, reusable, better for the environment, and easier on clients’ budgets.

Our payload integration methods are the most efficient offered by anyone, and, because of this, we can launch your payload and promptly provide data from the micro G time you need to earn a competitive advantage. Our state-of-the art retrieval system allows you access to your payload in minutes because we bring the rocket back to the point of launch. As for access to experiment data, it cannot be acquired faster than our Live Streaming Data Option (LSDO). The experiment info starts streaming (from about 62.5 miles away (in space) approximately 90 seconds after launch. At about Mach 3.5 it doesn’t take long to get there.

E.A.S.T. can help Universities navigate Federal, State or Industry grant programs for new technological advances in biomedical and pharmaceutical research, fluid and fundamental physics, materials science, aerospace engineering, space exploration hardware or for other micro G experiments. If orbital payloads or pre-tests are required, we go “beyond zero G”, to micro G in space, and have the experience to help you get this done in an expedited fashion.

If "flying now," rather than a year from now is more preferable, or if minutes of micro G time and immediate access to your payload are needed, EXOS Aerospace Systems & Technologies, INC. is your space flight solution.